Allison and Paul

Please join us for our wedding celebration on


We are so excited to share this special time with all of you. Anna Maria is so special to us, its where Paul proposed!

Please check back as we will be updating this as the big day gets closer,
Allison & Paul

Below our family story of how we came to Anna Maria and why this place is so special to us, written by my Dad, Jeff Thornburgh.

In 1964 Phyllis & Jay Thornburgh took their summer vacation to visit our grandmother, Rhea Lanz (age 70), who had lost her husband a few years earlier. We stayed at her little apartment, and went to the beach daily on Anna Maria Island! Our family fell in love with this area as a vacation destination.

In 1982, Jeff & Pam began vacationing on Anna Maria at the Bali Hai Hotel.

In October of 1988, at the young age of 11 months, twins Allison & Ryan, made their first vacation trip to Anna Maria Island. We drove a GMC (Jimmy) SUV straight through for 20 hours and stayed at the Bali Hai. Allison and Ryan rode all the way in your car seats. We rented, baby beds, high chairs, a playpen, and drank cheap scotch! Both kids were starting to walk, so we put a blanket on the Bali Hai patio and let you guys crawl around.

Since 1988 we have spent family vacations on Anna Maria. Several years stopping first in Orlando at Disney World! In 1993 we bought a condo, with an beach & pool view! This year Bettye Painter (Pam's mother), joined us for a stay at the Bali Hai, before our closing on the Condo, that was special!

When the kids were 7, we started fishing with Mike Greig, this was around the first year Mike was chartering and we are still fishing with him today!

For a number of years between 1993 to 2003, our family would vacation for Spring Breaks in March, visit in the summer and over the years the visits have been more and more frequent.

Anna Maria is an over-looked and well kept secret, we hope you all enjoy it!